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Mistis' Adventures Part 221 (Cont.)

VoyeurHumorInterracial Sex

Floyd went on, "All last night, when I spoke to them, they either gave me a dirty look, like they were asking me, "How DARE you have the nerve to speak to us?" or just grunted, by way of an answer. Mama said that when she pissed them off, they do her the same way. SHE just laughs at them." Christine turned to look at him. "If WE did OUR Mama like that she gave us the dirtiest jobs she could find at the time. WE LEARNED THAT SHE PLAYS DIRTY!!!" Pam added, "We have the cleanest chicken coop in the state. We either were told to clean it, or to go out and clear brush, BY HAND!!" Maria laughed. "M… Read more

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Now a bull- my first stag vixen threesome

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My introduction to the world of swinging actually started with a change of circumstances- working away from home for long periods of time. So whereas engagement with swinging sites earlier had been largely academic due to lack of freedom to meet (married and wife unaware), suddenly I was away from home a number of nights a week and left to my own devices. I embraced the sites with alacrity imagining that one ad would have women queuing at my door. Like all excited men joining those sites I soon discovered that men outnumber women probably 10 to one, and with so few women about getting chattin… Read more

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The Neighbor Computer Tech by fbailey


She was crying when she knocked on my door. I recognized her as the woman from next door so I opened my door and invited her in. Between the sobbing and the crocodile tears she managed to tell me that she had broken her husband’s computer and that he would kill her. She begged me to fix it for her. I told her that I would have a look at it. She also said that if he ever found out that I had touched his precious computer that he would kill me too. I was not impressed at all. I didn’t even like the guy. We had words when I first moved in about everything from mowing the lawn and trash to parking… Read more

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The Return to the Adult Nudist Campground Part #1

Shemale PornGroup SexInterracial Sex

Hi. My name is Bruce. I am black male, 6'0", 240, nice build, shaved head, 9.5" thick cock with huge heavy balls. This story in a sequel to another story (Adult Nudest Camp). The first story ended with me a two of the lady campers ending the season with them leaving their husbands and the three of us living in my house fucking each other silly everyday. We had such a great time camping there that I was going to books us there for next summer. It was then that I found out that the place was put up for sale. The girls, Bonnie and Julie were out for the day shopping. When they came home I was si… Read more

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I Love Panties by fbailey

MatureFetishGroup Sex

I love panties. What I actually mean to say is that I love to see panties on girls or women. Hell, I love to smell them too if I can get the chance that is. One Saturday I was in the biggest shopping mall in town. I was sitting on a bench tucked in between two potted shrubs. I was in the perfect position to watch the girls go up the escalator. On occasion I could even see a hint of panty on a girl. I had my cell phone out and ready to capture the moment. I had obtained two pictures. One was of a young mother with her small c***d. She held onto its hand but in that position she was bent slight… Read more

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I Love to Eat a Woman's Big Butthole


I am obsessed with women's buttholes. I love looking at a woman's butthole, inhaling the musty and sensuous scent combined with the aroma of her pussy, and most of all I love eating out a woman who's spreading her butt cheeks for me and opening up and flexing her loose, wide-open asshole. Why do I get off on loose, wide open, and gaping assholes? Because it means the woman I'm with is into anal and has had lots of big objects in her asshole and I can see into her asshole and plunge my tongue deeper. For me, performing my nasty brand of analingus is even more intimate and exciting than anal in… Read more

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[SSBBW] "He Fuckin' Lost!"


She sounded pissed over the phone. Not pissed off at me, but at life in general. She said she was stressed and annoyed, and needed to see me right away. So I figured this time I would get the room for us. I was in our room when her car pulled up. I saw her get out through the window. She took her time gathering her things. She wore a huge, baggy, blue windbreaker jacket and stretch jeans. Her clothes otherwise would have kept her unnoticed. But wherever she went, no matter what she wore, everyone noticed the old, short, white ginger woman walking around with the enormous jello ass. She didn'… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreMature

MY BEST FRIENDS WIFE I was in my mid twenties and married but not happily married. My wife would give me sex about twice a month if I was luckey. We had only been married about 4 years. I was a sales rep and called on grocery stores in about 50 mile radius of home. I got to be good friends with one of the managers of one of my stores. We both liked country music so, there was a country music star in concert in a local town, so we decided to go and take our wives. This was the first time I had ever saw his wife and she was very nice looking with a good build. At the concert we were at a table… Read more

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My libertine holiday in Bali. Part Two

VoyeurGroup Sex

Day 4 We showered and prepared to meet our Guide / Driver who was to take us on to our next destination as well as the tour of the island. Dave was delighted when I chose my lightweight khaki summer dress merely fastened by five buttons and a waist strap, which would give me some latitude to tease should the opportunity arise. The time of departure arrived and we were delighted to see a lovely C280 pull up outside and hoped it was ours. The driver seemed about late thirties and well presented in white slacks and blue shirt with the company logo. He introduced himself as Kadec, checked our do… Read more

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Night Shift in the ER

Gay MaleInterracial SexAnal

My buddy told me about his friends, I'm SO Jealous! Even before the bitch Covid reared its ugly fuckin' head, life in the ER was a pressure cooker. Luckily for me and my lover, we had a fulfilling sex life to relieve the stress. My name is Trevor, and I'm an ambulance EMT in New York City. My lover, Michael, is an ER Doctor in the hospital I work for. We both work the 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift. My work requires me to be in good shape, but Doctor Michael puts me to shame. Michael played football in college, but decided the pros was not what he wanted to do with his life. Football got him a fre… Read more

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VoyeurGroup SexFirst Time

I befriended Dan on an adult site. I put some pictures with my ex-girlfriend and he wrote me as much as he likes. That's how I got into the conversation and found out that he was married, that he wanted to swing but his wife (whose name was Elena) did not agree. "It's old-fashioned," he tried to explain. She wasn't ugly but her breasts were loose and that was a bit complex. Besides, she was very jealous. He could still talk to her, and Dan had tried to persuade her, but when asked if he wouldn't mind being fucked by someone else, he said no, if he swung because he'd fuck another. Wrong answer.… Read more

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The Generals Wife is a Porn Star

Group SexTaboo

Marine Cadet Daniel Baker was in his second year at the US Naval Academy. He was attending the International Ball and was introduced to Tina Marie Johnson; it was love at first for both of them. They were exclusive for the next two years and right after graduation they were married in a beautiful ceremony in the Academy chapel. Dan was 6’2” with very broad sholders, very handsome, a tight ass and was nicely hung. He was top in his class in tactics and with the problems in the middle East there was no doubt he would be deployed before long. Tina was a mere 5’2” maybe 104 lbs., she was beauti… Read more

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34 Year Old Stepdaughter...Part 11


So its been awhile since part ten! With all the covid crap going on and k**s and healthcare jobs all combined we've had to stay apart for awhile, until this past weekend. We both were tested last week for work and negative, we'd been texting carefully over the past month and most of our interaction was that way. As we couldn't be together we had some great text conversations in which I told her about my posting stories on an x rated site and also a dozen or so pictures from screen grabs of the videos she made for me of her in the bathroom and shower. I sent her the photos I used along with th… Read more

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Natalee Tells Me About Her First Blowjob

First Time

Natalee Tells Me About Her First Blowjob Natalee was 20 when we first got together and an amazing cock sucker. I was always curious about her sexual experiences from before we met and would ask her to tell me about them but she would never give me any details. As the years passed and we got more comfortable in our relationship she finally relented and gave me the story of how she gave her first blowjob. This is written as she told it to me one night as we lay nude in bed together while she stroked my cock. "One Saturday Shelly and Patricia took me to what was supposed to be a party but whe… Read more

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Inside Maple Grove, Chapter 3

Interracial SexMature

A story about one families bid to conquer Boston’s Elite A Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van. Chapter 3 Dear readers, the story continues of a black family's bid to conquer Boston's white middle classes. Please read pervious chapters here for maximum enjoyment. Hopefully this tale is being well received. Some feedback would be nice. Inside Maple Grove Chapter3 - Penetration time. Michelle Jackson had been joined in the hot tub by her daughter Abbey and Stella Harris and they were casually chatting and drinking champagne. Stella Harris was still feeling sexually… Read more

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Cherry popped

AnalFetishShemale Porn

The man from next door Mr Tremain became a regular visitor to my shed where I would slip into my mothers mackintosh and ether wank or suck him to completion, on one of these visits he suggested I should go to his and try on one of his macs, I agreed and arranged it for the following Saturday. Slipping into my mothers bedroom with the idea of taking a pr of her pants to wear I came across her suspender belt and black stockings plus a pr of red very shiny knee boots she had worn for a 60s night out with the girls, slipping this into a bag I trotted off next door.    &nbs… Read more

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Getting to know Isabel - Pandemic 2020

Lesbian Sex

Read the Spanish version here: https://xhamster.com/stories/conociendo-a-isabel-pandemia-2020-10074850 I haven't always liked women. After one of my female friends opened my eyes to the pleasure of making love with a woman, only two years ago, I was really lucky to find some very sweet and caring women who taught me a lot. I've never thought of a man again ever since when I'm horny. This story begins at a wedding party in February this year, where I met Isabel. She is 28, slender but curvy, with black hair, gray eyes and 5'4" tall (I am 62 and 5'8"). We were introduced by some friends… Read more

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Dance of sex

VoyeurGroup SexInterracial Sex

At 30 years old I married Beth, a cute little girl of 18yrs. My main worry was that she would get tired of me and want 'friends' of her own age. Well that didn't happen, and after 2 years we are still very happy. Though the worry of her wanting younger guys played so much on my mind that it became a fantasy, which grew and grew till I wanted it to happen. I kept imagining her being fucked by other men and would get off on it whilst we fucked. The images in my mind were like a movie show of her letting strange men use her body. We used to go out dancing once or twice a week to a loca… Read more

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Interracial SexMature

A story about one families bid to conquer Boston’s Elite A Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van. (Please read previous chapters to get maximum enjoyment). Chapter 3 - Penetration time. Michelle Jackson had been joined in the hot tub by her daughter Abbey and Stella Harris and they were casually chatting and drinking champagne. Stella Harris was still feeling sexually aroused after her very brief dalliance with Abbey and even though absorbed in conversation in her head she replayed the event and the comment by Abbey that “she would be satisfied this evening” and her mind… Read more

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He Owns Her


I saw you for the first time a little over three years ago; and I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous you were. Then, I met you, and I got to see you were just as nice. Now, every time I'm at a race, I always make up some excuse to see you; swinging by the trailer, getting things I don't want or need. It's all done with a feeble hope that somehow, someday; I'll work up enough nerve to make conversation, something beyond a shy hello and a smile. Most nights, when I'm lying in bed, alone, I fantasize about you… Read more

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