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I have been receiving a lot of feedback on some of my stories. A few of them are comments, either with the story, or on my profile, and a substantial number are direct messages. Comments can be exciting in and of themselves, because they provide an opportunity for the commentator to say things publicly that turn them on. I frequently do it myself, leaving leaving prose like "would love to see you unload that into me", and various other inspired phrases that turn me on. By contrast, the messages I receive are often more thoughtful, and some readers have strongly identified with certain storie… Read more

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Mature German Milf Hooks up with younger black man

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She was German in her mid 40’s I think, I didn’t ask or care that much, I was around 25 black from the uk. We met in London at her house, all meet up sex sessions were at her house. Met her on plenty fish, great catch lol. We first met at her house day time. She was wearing net fish tights mini skirt a top and high heels. She met me 2 mins from her house. I had to travel a hour to meet her. When I first walked up to her I thought she had an attractive face that I liked. I prefer women with abit of meat athletic but she was very slim but still had a nice shape. She walked very lightly and smile… Read more

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Teenage Adventures - Chapter 3

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Over the next few weeks, Maria visited almost daily, and her appetite for sex seemed to increase as her pregnancy matured. Timothy did his best to satisfy both Ms. Alsover and Maria, and had on some days been able to achieve up to nine orgasms. Obviously, the boy was healthy, Ms. Alsover thought to herself, but she also noticed that as the days wore on, the boy's youthful fountains of semen turned into a few hard-won droplets. Ms. Alsover feared that between herself and Maria, perhaps they were straining the boy's libido. After careful consideration, she decided to invite Mr. Oliver for dinne… Read more

Posted by michael80215 14 minutes ago 13

Teenage Adventures - Chapter 2

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"Buen Dia!", greeted Maria loudly, as she entered the front door. Maria Hernandez had been Ms. Alsover's housekeeper for the last five years. Twenty-four years old, she was single mother of a nine year old son, and seven months pregnant with its sibling. Always cheerful with a ready smile, she took a moment to wriggle her big belly out of her coat and hung it next to the door. Then the walked up to Ms. Alsover and gave her an affectionate hug. "How are you doing Gladys?", she asked. "You are looking great! Did you finally let Mr. Oliver take you out for dinner?", she joked. Mr. Oliver took p… Read more

Posted by michael80215 1 hour ago 178

Teenage Adventures - Chapter 1

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Timothy reached over and rung the doorbell again. He'd been standing in front of Ms. Alsover's front door for almost five minutes now, and just decided not to wait any longer when he heard a faint call from within the house. It sounded like Ms. Alsover, but he was unable to make out any words, so he leaned his head down, opened the letterbox and called: "Ms. Alsover?" Now he could hear her voice clearly. It sounded weak but urgent. "Please come around the back, Timothy". Quickly, he walked to the side of the house, opened the door in the cedar fence and stepped into Ms. Alsover's back yard.… Read more

Posted by michael80215 1 hour ago 346

My First Black Cock

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I was just on my way out of my neighborhood Rec center, when I heard a voice behind me call out: "Excuse me, Sir?". I turned around, and a black teenager came walking towards me. He was slim, but already an inch or two taller than me. It looked like he had just separated himself from a group of teens in the basketball court, for he was transpiring a bit, wearing basketball shorts and a Denver Nuggets jersey. Still panting, he asked: "Sir, could I ask you a question?". I replied, "Sure, how can I help you?", and the boy unea… Read more

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The Old and the Beautiful

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I am a retired 72 year old, and live in a quiet senior community in Boca Raton. In recent weeks, the health of my next door neighbor had steadily declined, and now the staff of our facility had reached out to her family. The following weekend, I was reading the newspaper, when I heard voices outside: “Honey, the nurse just told me Grandma had a very rough night, and is resting now. I want us to be as quiet as possible, while I help getting her affairs in order. Perhaps you could walk around a bit, or wait in the car?”. I stepped outside and introduced myself to the woman, and told her that… Read more

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Summer Sex School 2: SASKIA Smartest

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Smalltits was correct that I could expect more visits. Barely 40 minutes after she'd disappeared, the second 'ghost' of the night was entering my tent. I'd had a long day and was drowsy, almost asleep, when hands parted the flaps of my tent. By feel, I knew immediately that the Ghost of Christmas Present was Bigtits. She had a bit more 'junk in her trunk' than I'd found attractive in daylight but in the darkness of the tent she had all the sweetness of a nice, plump peach. Sinking my fingers into the softness of her huge tits w… Read more

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Alone after office hour...

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That evening after working during a very heavy long day, I was still sitting behind my desk. I was really tired, but pleasantly so. My thoughts wandered away from work as I stared out the window overlooking the city lights. It was late and everyone had left the building, like Elvis… It was my favorite time to be alone in my office. I closed my eyes for a moment; but I then heard an unexpected noise coming from the hall. Probably would be one of the cleaning ladies, making her way through the building. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in my doorway. I looked over and gasped; but then I recog… Read more

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My naughty behavior as a bridesmaid

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My sweet friend Shawna was getting married and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaid at the wedding. I was delighted to be chosen; but I was also really horny that day thinking about my little girlfriend was going to be well fucked that same night by her handsome brand new husband Jeremy… My own hubby had not fucked me in weeks and masturbation had not been enough for me during the last days… It was quite a long drive to the place of the wedding reception. Victor had booked a room at a local motel, since he had warned me he would be drinking nicely and later he would not be able to drive… Read more

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After been used by Brett


I was busy at office when my loving wife called me, saying she was going for some late Christmas shopping with her new friend Brett. I had met that guy a few times when he brought my wife home from a date but I had never watched him have sex with her. Later that evening, I was surprised to see Ana's car in the garage when I pulled in at home. When I came in the house I heard music playing… When I entered the kitchen I saw my wife bending over wrapping a gift. My sexy Ana was wearing a short black skirt, red Christmas sweater and her legs where covered in black nylons. She was standing on sti… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission in train :-P


https://it.xhamster.com/videos/metro-upskirt-01-3661810 https://it.xhamster.com/videos/metro-upskirt-02-3661831 very good these two videos also i have had a good situation like in these two videos in a nice commission trip by train with my sister. It was late summer, September, I remember, and there was a tepid weather, I'm very happy to take a trip with my sister for to can stay near to her :-P because it was from a bit of time that she makes at me very excited to the maximum, not that I didn't knew before of having the sister hottie :-P, but in that last period i, without embarrassment, i ha… Read more

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Thailand Lady of the night

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So this happened a couple of years ago when i was on vacation in Thailand. This is 100% a true story. For reference i am about 5’8” around 180lbs fair skin black hair with a athletic build body. Im not the hottest guy around but definitely attractive and can get a girls attention. So one night around 10pm i was wandering around the streets just to see what goes. All the normal foot traffic is gone at this point only the party people and clubs are open. Im not really into the club scene so i avoided this. As im walking down the street there is a lady on a scooter just hanging out . Not many p… Read more

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Origins: an awakening

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In the weeks after my return from Istanbul, I began to think seriously about my new hunger for sexual submission. That business trip had awakened something deep inside me. I kept remembering the emotions and intimate sensations I’d experienced, face down and well-lubricated ass up, as a giant tank of a man had fucked me into submissive femininity. If anything, the desire to be taken by dominant masculine men had grown steadily more intense after that fateful evening. I’d expected to be wracked by feelings of confusion, guilt, even disgust after that encounter, but the long flight home had onl… Read more

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my school friend dad

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I woke up in a dream, dark room dizzy and confused. in my school buddy house after a party, drunk and tired i got to the guess room and last thing i remember was crashing on the bed I was dreaming of getting undress and massage slowly until my lil butt was lift up and spread a tongue lapping at my hole so good i tried to talk and moan but i had somethig keeping my mouth open wide and i made only pet like sound something started poking my ass i felt so weak in the dark ass up a pillow under me my hands pull to my legs something being attach until i was doggy ass up on a pillow another under… Read more

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A FRENCH VILLAGE (A TALE OF WAR) PART 7 AND LAST Note: This last part of my story is not a history of the fall of Vichy. It was liberated by the Resistance one week after Paris (end of August 1944). This last part will follow certain key characters a month of so before the fall of the city. It’s a story about the relationships of women who love women, and men who love men. Sex continued to happen until the end, but the fate of the characters will remain a mystery. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “We have to stop… Read more

Posted by mib14 5 hours ago 89

Succubus Bachelor Party Story

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I got a call out of the blue from an Ex of mine asking if I would be willing to be the erotic entertainment for his friend’s bachelor party. He said I was the sexiest woman he knew. I got wet just thinking about it. I told him yes. When the day came, I picked a sexy outfit and went to the address he gave me. When I walked in the bartender just smiled and said that they anxiously waiting for me in the back room. I walked in the place erupted in cheers. My pussy gushed. It was going to be a fun night. They were not going to be able to keep their hands, or anything else off me! The man of honor w… Read more

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Wife Date's a Real Man PT2 Blacken

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It only took a week since my night out and total submission for the video that recorded the events of the night to be posted online. Though I had only initially agreed to be filmed if my identity was concealed, in the heat of the moment I could not say no to him. Of course, I was nervous about such a pornographic video of myself being online, but each time I touched the black metal collar secured around my neck, I knew it was what I truly wanted. The day it had been posted was the first time he contacted since I submitted myself to him. He sent a text instructing me to meet him at a parking l… Read more

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Succubus Bachlor party story

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I got a call out of the blue from an Ex of mine asking if I would be willing to be the erotic entertainment for his friend’s bachelor party. He said I was the sexiest woman he knew. I got wet just thinking about it. I told him yes. When the day came, I picked a sexy outfit and went to the address he gave me. When I walked in the bartender just smiled and said that they were anxiously waiting for me in the back room. I walked in the place erupted in cheers. My pussy gushed. It was going to be a fun night. They were not going to be able to keep their hands, or anything else off me! The man of ho… Read more

Posted by malmalory 6 hours ago 403 86%